Birthstone Birthday cards - December - January - February - March - Embellished with soft iridescent glitter - Free Mailing

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***** Pics aren't ready for these cards yet but we wanted to get them listed asap ********

Birthstone of the Month cards have a necklace with the matching birthstone and a 3 dimensional sparkling glitter accent. The chain is sparkled with platinum accents and the teardrop stone pendant matches the birthstone color.

Fine grade glitter is a challenge to photograph because it has a rainbow iridescence to it that is hard to capture in an image, but the 3 example gives you a good idea of the color variations (like real stones) and the brilliance.

Inside the card is the Birthstone information and the meanings. Many months also have an "Ancient" stone - like June which has Alexandrite and Pearl for the birthstones.

The last two images show the Card and Earring option for our Birthstone cards, see other listings.

Choose your month - this listing is for any of the following:

December - Blue Zircon
January - Garnet
February - Amethyst
March - Aquamarine

Other months are in another listings. Be sure to indicate which month you need - otherwise we will send the current month's birthstone card.

A really fun and unique card to give. You won't find this one at Hallmark, that's for sure.

Envelopes are color matched to the birthstone color on the card, enhancing the visual presentation.

PS - Mailing is free either to you or the recipient of your choice.

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