50gm Jar Mineral Foundation Palest Porcelain shades to Deep Umber

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New colors have come out and some have changed their description as a result. If you have purchased a color in the past and no longer see it listed just message for the equivalent shade.
If you have never tried our foundation before it is always advisable to try the sampler pack first in the shade range you need.

You will receive 5 Shades of Foundation in a sampler set - in mini zip-lock bags. Free Shipping too.

This is the perfect size to test a couple of colors to see which ones work for you. There are then come back for your choice of Trial, Small Medium Large or X-Large sizes you can move on to if it works out great. We even offer discounted refill baggies for the jars.

Choose your shade from the category you think suits you best - the colors on the chart are as close as we can get for display purposes - but you really need to see them in person and on your skin.

All of the shades are matte, non-irritating (no Bisthmuth Oxychloride and very little if any mica. Excellent for oily complexions and mature skin.

* Mineral Foundation Ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, kaolin clay, silk powder, serecite or silk mica (non-irritating - not the sparkly glittery kind).
Color Codes

Level 1 - the palest porcelain, nearly white.
Level 2 - Very light ivory
Levels 3-5 would be the level if you are an average light complexion but neither pale or tanned.
Level 6 -7 is for deeper, olive or tanned skin
Level 8-11 are for the darkest shades

Each also has a tone letter. For shades that are just a slightly different tone they will have two letters.

N = Neutral
NW = Neutral Warm
NP = Neutral Pink
P = Pinkish
W = Warm, golden
R = Rosy, Red, deep pinkish
C = Cool, bluish
OL = Olive (cool neutral, almost ash)
Bl - Bluish or ash undertone on dark skin

If you do find that a blend is the best color for you we would be happy to make a special blend of two shades and put up custom listing of this blend for you at no extra charge.

For dry or mature skin always use a good moisturizer before applying mineral foundation and you will love the results. Our Winter Blend shea cream - is ideal to use with mineral foundation.

Your purchase includes a free color consultation if you need a bit of help choosing shades or eye colors. So - take a look at the colors, and put the name of the shade you prefer in the Message To Seller part at checkout.

We specialize in makeup for mature - ie: over 50 skin types Matte shades are the best for most skin types - shimmer is usually only good on the youngest skin in a general sense but it can be used quite effectively as a lid accent for all ages. Just avoid shimmer all over the eye area or in your foundation.

No clown makeup looks here, thanks.

If you would like to convo with a photo before purchasing we can advise on what shade will be the best match for you and recommend which finish will be the most flattering.

If you would like a consultation, send along a closeup photo in natural light - if possible to help determine your skin type and undertones if you would like us to choose the shade for you.

Look under our other listings for eye and cheek colors.