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Custom Listing for the trial size 4 pack of colors in small zip lock bags with an applicator.

You will receive a range of tones in the shade level range you choose.

If you know your undertones (warm gold, pinkish) you can opt for the specific tones - otherwise choose neutral.

Once you find your perfect match we carry the concealer in 4 sizes - Trial sized pot (1/3 of a 3 gm jar) through X-Large sizes.

The largest is the 20 gm jar which is a lot of concealer. I don't package it any larger than that size so the product will stay fresh and moist. This concealer has essential oils and can dehydrate over long periods of time (6 mos to a year) or if is left open.

Our rich cream concealer is made with natural mineral foundation and a rich blend of cream we make exclusively for the eye area. Ingredients below.

Our shade ranges have recently increased and we now offer a lot of shades in the very light to light ranges, one of the hardest to match correctly.

I suggest always trying a sample set or two if you don't know your shade level or undertones. There is an assortment in the light ranges of Neutral - Pink - Warm - Olive
and in darker shades it will be Neutral - Rosy - Warm - Cool - Red or Blue

Sometimes your perfect shade will be in-between two colors. Experiment a bit to get the ideal match for your skin.

A quick trick for gauging undertone for light skin tones - look at the inside of your wrist. Do the veins look greenish or purplish in natural light ? If you can't tell then you are probably neutral/olive, greenish indicates a warmer tone and purple a cooler or pinkish tone.

When in doubt choose "Neutral" as this will work for most skin tones that are not on the far ends of either warm or cool tones.

I consider this to be a "medium" coverage product - as it is meant to be easily blended and could also be used as a foundation. If you have dry skin you may want to blend it together with a tiny bit of moisturizer.

It is 99% natural, does not clog pores and can be used along with loose mineral powder for maximum coverage on tough spots. I have a few really dark freckles that I am able to completely hide by blending in a dot of concealer then blending in a dot of loose mineral color with my fingertip.
Color Codes - concealer shades start at

Level 1 - the palest porcelain, nearly white.
Level 2 - Very light ivory
Levels 3-5 would be the level if you are an average light complexion but are neither really pale or tanned.
Levels 6-7 are for deeper toned light brown or tanned skin
Levels 8-10 are for the medium deep brown and darkest shades

Each also has a tone letter. For shades that are just a slightly different tone they will have two letters.

N = Neutral
NW = Neutral Warm
NP = Neutral Pink
P = Pinkish
W = Warm, golden
R = Rosy, deep pinkish
C = Cool, bluish
OL = Olive
Red - Reddish undertone on dark skin
Bl - Bluish or ash undertone on dark skin

Convo if you need help choosing a shade, try to include a closeup photo - in natural light - if possible, to help me determine your undertones.

Our concealer is considered 98% natural with just one ingredient that is not - Cyclomethicone (even the Germall preservative is considered naturally derived).
Cyclomethicone is commonly used in cosmetics because it gives a silky feel and helps the skin retain moisture. It is a large molecule ingredient so it does not penetrate the skin but rather stays on top helping to prevent moisture loss.
EO stands for Essential Oil.

Cream Concealer - Ingredients
* Distilled water, sunflower,sweet Almond, Soy,Jojoba , Meadowfoam oils, Organic Raw Shea Butter,vegetable glycerin, yogurt, mineral foundation*, Cyclomethicone, goat's milk, aloe vera, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, emulsifying wax, aloe palmitic acid, tocopherol D (high grade vitamin E ), potassium sorbate, Lavender EO, Rosemary EO, vitamin C, citric acid and Germall Plus.
* Mineral Foundation - may contain: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, mica, arrowroot and silk powder, kaolin clay, and ultramarine blue depending on shade.