Fragrance List

Fragrance List

Fragrance List for 2019. Fragrance List 2019 

Designer Types - Women 

Amber Romance (vs type) – Warm and sensual fragrance 
Angel Wings - Designer type cologne fragrance 
Black Orchid – Complex floral – like the famous Tom Ford scent 
Blue Sugar- NEW – Unusually sweet but masculine too. 
Blue Musk- Soft, sensual musk. Not overpowering. 
Cotton Blossom (BBW) – Clean cotton and light floral. 
“Flowerbomb” – Rich sandalwood, floral with a hint of Patchouli 
Freesia & Musk – Soft, feminine floral with a sweet scent. 
Jessica – A soft combo of Lily of the Valley and Jasmine 
Jessie – A stronger blend of Jessica with Jasmine predominant. 
Juniper Fresh (Juniper Breeze BBW) – Just like the name. 
Love Spell – (VS type) fragrance - sweet and fruity 
Light Blue – (Dolce-Gabbana type) – Light, unisex designer scent 
Moonlight Path (VS type)- Light fragrance 
Oatmeal Milk & Honey - Sweet, soft , milky, yummy. 
Pink Sugar – Just like cotton candy with a musky softness 
Sensuous Musk - Deep, true musk with a medium scent level. 
Sweet Pea -(red clover tea) -(BBW) , sweet & soft. 
Sunflowers – Soft scent much like the designer perfume. 
“Happy”- Clinique type light sensual fragrance 
Tommy Girl – TH type designer cologne scent. 
Wedding Day- Soft designer scent that is universally appealing. 
White Tea & Ginger - bbw type fragrance – bright, clean 
Designer Types - Unisex 
D & G Lt Blue, Midsommar Night, Kenneth Cole Black Designer Types - Men's 

Drakkan Noir - Polo - Cool Water - Rush - Georgio – Moroccan Sand 
Ck One - English Leather - Phoenix Axe 

Apple Blossom – Fresh, floral and apple scent. 
Black Rose – A deep, black tea and rose fragrance. 
Carnation – Spicy fresh scent just like a florists best bloom. 
China Rose - A 70’s scent , powdery rose petals 
Daffodil – Light fresh floral with green-herbal undertones. 
Freesia- Fresh, light and sweet like the flower. 
Fresh Cut Rose (YC) – Freshly cut rose with stem.
Gardenia - The heady strong floral, with no "off" notes 
Heather– Soft, clean scent of fresh picked m 
Honeysuckle ** - Sweet floral, perfect duplicate of the flower 
Hyacinth - Very subtle, light floral scent 
Jasmine- Sweet, light scent of jasmine flowers 
Lavender Bud - Classic, clean lavender. Many blends too. 
Lavender-Patchouli- Nice earthy floral combination. 
Lavender-Rose- Nice combination of two classic florals. 
Lilac - Light, heady lilac floral 
Lily of the Valley - Soft and subtle scent of this dainty flower 
Linden Blossom – Light but potent scent of the Linden Tree
Plumeria – Soft, sweet floral. 
English Tea Rose - True rose, like a Tea Rose 
Spring Tulip – Light, sweet delicate scent of tulips
Secret Garden - Very floral with spicy wild rose
Southern Magnolia – Sweet , warm old fashioned scent. 
Tuberose- Intense floral – smells like Gardenia & Honeysuckle 
Tuberose- Gardenia – Estee Lauder Private Collection type 
Violet & Birch – A light, clean sent of Violets and white wood. 
Wisteria – An unusual designer perfume type of floral. 
Woodland Violet – Sweet and herbal violet floral. 
Violet & Birch– Unusual blend of sweet violet & sweet birch 
Victorian Rose – Antique blending of Rose and Pine 
Wild Irish Rose – The spicy scent of the roses that grew wild. 
Herbal – – Musks - Ambers – Unisex 
Amber Musk - Designer type musky vanilla, lovely ! 
AmberLove – Soft fruity and amber combination. 
Amber Patchouli – Warm amber and patchouli. 
Amber Vanilla – Rich amber with warm buttery vanilla. Yum. 
AmberWood – A sensual blend of warm amber and Sandalwood 
DragonFly Moon – Soft, sensual musk type fragance. 
Dragon's Blood – Classic Indian Inscense from the 70's 
Egyptian Dragon– Potent, deep earthy musk 
Egyptian Patchouli – A potent blend - earthy musk 
Femme Fatale – Lovely amber-vanilla-sandalwood musk. 
Frankinscence and Myhrr** – Ancient herbs & spices 
Green Bamboo – Super soft green herbal. Very fresh. 
Green Tea– Delicate, fresh scent of green tea leaves. 
Guns N Roses - Rich blend of leather and herbs with rose. 
Irish Clover – Soft, clean herbal scent. 
Morroccan Sand- Soft earthy and beachy scent. Sensual ! 
Olive Blossom – Deep, herbal, perfume fragrance. Sexy. 
Patchouli-Lily – Perfect blend of patchouli and lily of valley 
Patchouli-Rose – Wonderfully 70’s combination of classics. 
Patchouli-Violet – ILovely combination of two earthy scents. 
Red Egyptian Musk – Amber-Musk Not for the fainthearted. 
Sweetgrass - Herbal, soft , sweet, grass scent 
True Amber – Rich and sensous like the mysterious Indian resin 
Whisper of Musk – Very soft musk fragrance 
Wood Rose –Sandalwood & Rose Petals – BBW scent. 
Ylang Ylang Ginger – Softly herbal citrus 
Fresh Scents 
Baby Powder - Floral-like powder scent 
China Rain – Similar to the Body Shop version, soft and sweet. 
Fresh Linen – Crisp scent of Gain laundry detergent 
Irish Clover - Clean, soft and green like the Emerald Isle 
Morning Dew – Fresh, soft like the 70's scent “China Rain“ 
Mountain Lake – Fresh, masculine scent like a nice aftershave. 
Pure Rain - Soft citrus rain scent. 
Sandy Beach– Fresh, beachy without the coconut scent. 
Fruity or Baker Scents 
Blue Chamomile – Soft mellow sweet herbal 
Cucumber Melon– Classic combination of subtle scents 
Honey-Shea – Soft and silky light floral with warm honey 
Sweet Orange-Chili Pepper- Sweet orange and a bite of chili 
Very Vanilla – Sweet, warm goodness like buttery cookies. 
Wedding Cake – Light white cake with vanilla frosting. 
Masculine - Woody - Herbal 
Barnwood – A mossy, old wood scent. Very earthy. 
Burmese Wood – Rich blend of cedar, redwood and sandalwood. 
Cedarwood – Straight up Cedar essential oil 
Cedarwood-Sage – Rich, woody herbal scent with amber 
Desert Sands – Rich amber and Sandalwood fragrance. Unisex 
Indonesian Teak – Warm woody 
Irish Mist – Like the designer cologne Green Irish Tweed. 
Kentucky Tobacco - Rich and warm – surprisingly sensual. 
Oakmoss– Wonderfully deep, earthy, mossy scent. STRONG. 
Patchouli– Seriously EARTHY scent from the 60’s 
Patchouli-Sandalwood – Fabulous pairing of herbal scents. 
Patchouli-Vanilla – Earthy and sweet at the same time 
Patchouli & Frankinsense – Earthy, herbal with ancient spices 
Patchouli – Redwood – Perfect blend of wood and earth 
Patchouli-Teakwood – Wonderful blend of two favorites. 
Vanilla-Sandalwood – Warm wood sweetened with vanilla 
Lavender-Sandalwood- Best blend of floral – herbal – wood 
Redwood Forest – Clean and light scent of Redwoods 
Sandalwood– The perfect sandalwood with a powdery base. 
Sandalwood Patchouli– The reverse of the Patchouli predominant version. 
Sycamore Leaf – Signature scent, fallen leaves and balsam 
Vetyver – Mossy, masculine 
White Pine -Nice light outdoor, evergreen scent. 

NOTE: All of these scents are available in body products as well as home fragrance products like candles, melts and diffuser oils.