16oz Winterblend Shea Butter Cream with Lavender & Tea Tree - Specialty Moisturizing Cream for Skin

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Shea Cream with the addition of Lavender & Tea Tree Essential oils. A tad astringent, refreshing and good for troubled skin.

Our popular Winterblend Cream is unmatched for moisturizing dry and sensitive skin. It is especially recommended as a very gentle facial moisturizer - perfect for those with even the most number of sensitivities.

Check out some of the comments our customers have made about this cream.
DebiAnn - Always a cream I want to use! Keeps my eczema away. :)

Tamara - Awesome.

Lexford - Angela's Winter Blend is THE BEST! Wonderfully moisturizing, soaks into your skin super fast, no greasy residue. Very pleased. I'll be back again and again.

Connie - The Best, wonderful products

Rosemarie - I cannot recommend this cream highly enough. It is WONDERFUL. I have very dry skin and this is soooo soothing. My skin drinks it up and feels so good. It lasts, too. LOVE this cream.

Colleen - Feels very nice going on and makes my skin feels nourished!
We don't fill our cream with artificial thickeners to make it seem richer, our cream is 98% all natural ingredients and moisturizes while effectively protecting the skin with a generous amount of Raw Shea butter, Vitamin E and beneficial oils such as Sweet Almond, Evening Primrose, Avacado and Grapeseed.

Raw shea is an excellent emollient that helps skin retain it's elasticity and moisture levels - while at the same time is very beneficial for skin conditions such as Eczema. I can personally vouch for it's effectiveness for this condition for myself and many, many family members and store customers, several of which had a debilitating cases.

Our raw shea butter comes to us directly from Ghana via a family run non-profit organization. This group goes to Ghana several times a year where they work with Doctors Without Borders. Winterblend is our popular moisturizing cream made with raw shea and rich oils. It is perfect for anyone with dry or sensitive skin as there are no fragrances, essential oils or colorants used.

I highly recommend it as a facial moisturizer as I have been using only this myself now for 5 years and often get compliments on my skin (and anyone in their late 50's knows that is hard to do). We offer this cream in a slightly lighter "lotion" version in a flip-top tube and also make several versions of the original cream - they are the exact same formula but with one special ingredient added. With all my creams I recommend applying them to slightly moist skin to get the most benefit. Just take care to never dip wet fingers into the cream.

Winterblend w/ Argan - Argan oil is a rich, silky golden oil that comes from Morrocco. It is an excellent **hair oil too (see note below). This addition makes the cream super thick and very good for mature skin. Winterblend w/ Acai - Acai berry extract is a super antioxidant, it also makes the cream very thick and you can see the tiny purple speckles in the cream. Winterblend w/ Lavender EO - EO means Essential Oil and Lavender is one of the best. It is calming, cooling and especially good for skin troubled with breakouts. Tea Tree is an astringent essential oil that has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Good for oily skin or skin prone to acne.

You may have heard of "Morroccan Oil" brand for hair - that product actually has silcones added to it - it is not pure Argan oil. * We don't advocate the use of only natural preservatives in body products as they have not been proven to be a safe enough to guard against dangerous microbes. Please be aware any product containing water (even though it is distilled) needs an effective preservation system to keep it safe during use. Products which have no water content - like raw shea, salves, salts and balms are the exceptions