5 shade Trial Size Natural blush for light complexions - Loose Mineral Powder

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This is for the 5 shade trial sized assortment.

You will receive one each of the 4 colors listed below plus a 5th one to be determined (I am working on several new shades and they aren't named yet). These are all zip lock baggies, approx. 1 gm volume.

Blush is often too orange, pink or ruddy for those with porcelain skin tones. Frequently the only shades available for pale skin is way to "pinky" and not very natural.

These blush shades are very soft and delicate and in the natural range with just a sheer wash of color, not a harsh streak. Some are totally matte (indicated by a M after the name) and some have a bit of shimmer or a satiny "sheen".

This color can be deepened by adding in some of our contour color - or lightened by mixing with your favorite loose mineral color.

Fairy blush - a very soft and sheer peachy natural shade with a bit of sheen.

Lt. Bronze - Is just that, a bronzer for the lightest skin tones. A natural terracotta tone with a matte finish.

Earth Light - a natural terracotta shade formulated for paler skin. Not orange but rather brick toned.

Lt Satin - a soft, satiny terracotta with a bit of sheen.