Air Fresheners - Woody, Earthy scents - Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedarwood, White Pine, Leather

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The scent choices are actually unlimited, but for simplicity we are listing the top 5 Masculine - Earthy scents for this grouping.

There are several shapes to choose from - you can specify your preference and we will try to fill accordingly but you may receive any one of those shown.

A handy, dandy little item that adds wonderful fragrance to your auto, closet, drawer ... wherever you choose to place them.

They come with a matching satin ribbon (not shown) for hanging.

These little beauties come in a host of scents and you can request custom scents too.

These are super scented ornaments designed to hang from your car visor or closet so if using in other places do not let them come in contact with finished surfaces or clothing.

There are a variety of shapes, if you have a preference let us know and we will accommodate if possible.

Colors of item may vary, we usually try to match the color to reflect the chosen scent.