Argan Oil Hair Detangler and Smoothing Spray - Natural Ingredients - Fragranced or Fragrance Free Small Sizes

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This is our new Detangling Spray made with Argan Oil and Aloe. It is a gentle and natural detangler that moisturizes and softens dry and tangly hair. Ideal for wavy and super curly hair that is hard to comb through. The photo is generic until I get a picture of the actual sprayer bottle.

This listing is for the small trial size (1oz bottle ) or the small 2oz bottle.

This spray is concentrated - you will add your own purified water for the final product.

The bottle will only be partially filled allowing for the addition of water before use. Any bottled water will do. This also allows you to add the amount of water that works best for your hair type. Heavier hair may want the mixture to be less diluted but fine textured hair will probably do better with a lighter concentration.

I could send this all ready to go but I can send more product for less by not shipping water.
Start by filling the bottle half way - do a test strand and see how the hair responds. Add more water to the solution if it seems to weigh it down at all.
PS - The mixture will need to be shaken before each use as there are no chemical emulsifiers to keep the oil and water permanently mixed together.


I also do custom scenting of products so if you have a favorite scent for your hair - just message me and I can probably do it. It will add a few days to the processing time, but there is no extra charge.


Recommended use: Spray on dry or wet hair prior to combing or brushing (it is never a good idea to brush wavy or curly hair - always use a wide tooth comb or just finger comb). This is a super lightweight detangler that should work even on fine and delicate hair.

The hair in the photo is mine - it is very thick, wavy and likes to tangle like the dickens. Aside from combing while completely saturated in conditioner - I find it very difficult to comb through it without some help from aloe and Argan oil. It makes a huge difference and for heavier hair like mine I can even use this daily for several days in a row without any build up. It also washes out with only conditioner* , unlike some silicone based products.

The last photo is just for fun. My hair isn't that long (yet) but who knows ... maybe someday my grandson will be playing hide and seek in it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Curly or Coarse Hair Advice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I use photos of my own hair for reference, which is crazy long, wavy and out of control without using detangling sprays, oils, leave ins, balms and doing strictly CO washing*

* The "CO" or Conditioner Only Method of cleansing hair - For anyone with dry, wavy or frizzy hair you really should give this method a try. It basically is substituting cheap conditioner for shampoo. I know it sounds nuts, but it really works and boy will your hair and scalp love you for it.
We have become so used to scrubbing our scalps and skin that we have really done damage to natures perfect system, that of body oil production and it's role in protecting our skin and hair.
If we could get used to just rinsing ourselves with only water we would all be a lot better off, but short of that this method is the next best thing.

How to CO - Get some cheap Suave or White Rain conditioner (silicone free) and dilute it down about 25% with bottled water (save an empty conditioner bottle for this purpose).

Next soak your scalp with the diluted conditioner and massage it in real good. Put a towel around your shoulders and do something else while you wait about 5 -15 minutes. This step is crucial to allow the surfactants in the conditioner to absorb oils and dirt. Next add a bit more diluted conditioner on top of your head and massage and "lather" this into your hair.

This second step is also very important because it physically lifts the dirt and oil away from your scalp. Third, rinse really - really - really well to get it to all go down the drain. Not rinsing well enough can ruin the whole plan, leaving hair feeling dirty or greasy.

If you are a curly/kinky/wavy you will probably want to add some "good" conditioner to the ends/length and just rinse that lightly and squeeze out the excess water. Air drying is the best method, if you can do it. If you have to blow dry then spray on some of the detangler first - and again when you are done. It should help a lot with the frizzies. Frizzy hair is just waves and curls that have been disturbed and fluffed up too much. Your goal is to get them to clump back into waves, curls, spirals or coils.

For wavy and curly hair leaving some good conditioner in your hair during rinsing (or adding some back on after rinsing ) is the best way to get smooth bouncy curls instead of frizz.. The secret is in "trapping" moisture in the hair strands and this is how it is done.

To take it one step further you then want to really seal in that moisture longer term. That is where hair oils and balms do their magic.Apply a small amount of balm to your palms, rubs vigorously to melt and then start smoothing on the hair from the tips up.

Allow to air dry if possible.

Message me anytime with your hair questions