Boutonnniers - Natural Wood Flowers

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Boutonniers made with natural "wood" flowers created from the tapioca plant.

They are soft and lifelike and can even be scented.

Because they are absorbent and a natural an ivory shade they can be dyed to match any wedding color scheme.

There are 3 options to match all the bouquet styles as described below.

made in 1, 2 or 3 flower versions.

Classic - a traditional more rounded style bouquet with subtle greenery and/or baby's breath accents.

Wild - a more loosely style bouquet with more prominent greenery poking out that looks a bit more like it were picked wild from a field .

In the future we will be offering the more elaborate "Cascade" styles as well as cake flowers and table arrangements for immediate sale, but all of these can be requested as a custom order.

We use a combination of natural dried and preserved florals along with a select group of artificial greens for the most natural and lifelike results.

We have items available for immediate purchase for those in a hurry, but please contact us to discuss just what colors and products you need for your individual wedding.

These are "forever" bouquets because they can last for many years if kept at regular home temps and no humidity.