Clay & Shea Soap Sampler - 3Treatment Soaps with Shea Butter and two types of clay

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3 Soap Sampler Set with 3 types of specialty soaps in sample sizes.

We are offering 3 sampler size packs, a small which will be small soap pieces - approx. 1" squares just to try out the set.

Medium will be 1/4 of bar sizes and give you quite a few uses of each type - plenty of time to decide on your favorite.

Large will be a full 1/2 bar of each type - enough to last quite awhile and be able to enjoy all 3 types as a regular thing.

Shea Butter-Goatmilk Soap - A super gentle soap with generous amounts of raw shea butter and goat milk. Fragrance and dye free and perfect for babies and super sensitive skin.

Green Sea Clay - Shea soap with the addition of natural sea clay makes for a gentle clay treatment soap. Perfect for cleansing oily or sensitive skin.

Red Earth Clay is wonderful in soap as it gives it a very slick and smooth texture, excellent for shaving as it reduces friction. Shea Butter soap is super gentle and moisturizing so they make a great combination. Good for face or body.

Since this is not commercial soap with added detergents and hardeners you need to take care to keep it dry between uses. Never leave in a wet soap dish or in a damp shower. If you keep it dry between uses it will last much longer.