Copper Toned Tinted Lipbalm - All natural and moisturizing - Pots or Tubes

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Copper toned assortment:

This is our all natural, moisturizing lip balm with color. The shade range from just the slightest hint of tint, through more of a lip stain. We are working on some full on opaque lipsticks but for now we just offer these lightly tinted balms.

These are all natural lip tints made with our moisturizing lip balm* plus food grade tint and mineral color.

The colors may look dramatic in the pot, but the look on your lips is totally sheer. The Natural shade is barely there, while some of the deeper shades like Mahogany and Eggplant have a bit more color to them, but still just a nice wash of tint - not lipstick. The natural ingredients help moisturize and protect your lips, while still feeling soft but never waxy.

Copper Sun - A warm coppery brown with a subtle golden shimmer.

Sunset Rose - A copper rose red with a subtle shimmer.

Natural - Not truly coppery but a natural warm brown with just a hint of tint.

The shades range in intensity.

1 - Very Sheer, almost no tint.
2 - Sheer, but with some color
3 - Sheer, but with noticeable color
4 - A sheer lip stain, very color intense.

The last photo shows some of the colors swatched on white paper to show the true sheerness of the color. These look very natural and would be great for little girls too.

* All Natural (no tint, no flavoring) Lip Balm available in this listing