Dried Wood Flower Arrangments Tall Vases

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We have a wide range of natural "sola" flower arrangements in different containers, this is the Tall assortment. Most are in natural or rustic style vases or buckets.

If an arrangement has the word Holiday at the end it indicates there is a bit of a seasonal accented added. Nothing over the top but generally a sparkly pinecone or glitzy spray to give it a holiday feel while not looking out of place during other months of the year.

They will generally have an assortment of large, medium and small flowers with varying degrees of height. Some with long accent sprigs can be 31 inches tall. These will need special care during shipping with the tall pieces removed for transport. 

Most of these displays will feature a few very tall sprays which will have to be removed for shipping purposes but with instructions on how to reinsert them into the arrangement.