Victorian Roses Rose Pink Body Powder Puff - Large 4 1/2 - 5" inch size - 3 Colors To Choose From

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Large sized at 4 1/2 " wide and super fluffy at 2 "deep this powder puff is perfect for dusting on body powders. It has an attached satin handle for easy application.

There are 3 backing styles/colors to choose from:

Victorian Rose - Rose Pink Silky Fleece

Victorian Rose - Hot Pink Silky Fleece

Victorian Rose - Yellow hobnail plush

We made this puff to go with our talc free dusting powders.

Our talc free dusting powder is delightfully light and fresh.

Packaged in a high end white laquered metal shaker with an adjustable lid. The container is also refillable.

The regular version is fragrance free. There are many fragrances available and also 4 naturally scented versions using Essential oils.

Lavender, Rose Geranium, Patchouli or Tea Tree, 

The ingredients help keep you cool and fresh with the addition of Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot powder and Silk Powder.

See our other listings for our scented versions and for our special Zinc Dusting powder for relief of heat rash irritations. We also sell bulk refill bags for all our powders.