Eiffel Tower Print Fleece Body Powder Puffs - Large 4 - 5 inch size - 6 Styles - By Princess Poo Poo Powder Puffs

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Large sized at 4- 5 " wide and super fluffy at 2 " deep or more this powder puff is perfect for dusting on body powders. It has an attached satin handle for easy application.

There are 3 designs to choose from:

Eiffel Tower violet with silky violet Fleece with an ivory satin ribbon

Eiffel Tower hot pink with silky hot pink Fleece with an ivory satin ribbon

Eiffel Tower Tan - Cotton fabric with an ivory fleece back and a satin ribbon.


We made this puff to go with our talc free dusting powders and there are a couple of other designs.

See description below of our powder products.

Our talc free dusting powder is delightfully light and fresh.