Fluffy Fleece Body Powder Puffs - Medium to Gigantic Sizes - Many New Styles to Choose From

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This our listing for the Fluffy Fleece Powder Puff in severa sizes and colors.

Medium to Gigantic sizes range from 4 1/2 to 8" wide and super fluffy at 2 "deep this powder puff is perfect for dusting on body powders. It has an attached satin handle for easy application.

The "fleece" is a soft fuzzy fabric that is used in baby blankets, very nice on the skin and holds powder beautifully. They are hand sewn and filled with polyester fiberfill. The puffs are washable - but we recommend hand washing to prolong the lifetime and maintain the shape. 

You can put them in a lingere bag in the washer on gentle.


Here is a complete list of the other all the different styles we make in powder puffs - check out the other listings.

The Yeti: Has long fluffy faux fur with a contrasting back and satin ribbon. There are now several versions including some masculine ones.

Cotton Bol design
Black Paisley
Biker Style
Cowboy Style

Fabric Styles: These are printed cotton designs in many themes with either the silky or fleece backs and have satin ribbons.

Dusty Rose Chenille - a soft, dusty rose chunky chenille pile fabric with a sparkly ribbon

Silky - Comes in Pink, Hot Pink, White, Beige, Tan or Violet silky fleece in a rosebud swirl with asatin  ribbon.

Fluffy Fleece - White, Beige or Pink fluffy fleece with a satin ribbon


We made this puff to go with our talc free dusting powders and there are a couple of other designs.

See description below of our powder products.

Our talc free dusting powder is delightfully light and fresh.

Packaged in a high end white laquered metal shaker with an adjustable lid. The container is also refillable.

The regular version is basically free of any perfumed scent, just a touch of a light powder fragrance but nothing that would interfere with your own personal fragrances.

There are also 4 naturally fragranced versions using Essential oils like Lavender and Cedarwood oils.

The ingredients help keep you cool and fresh with the addition of Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot powder and Silk Powder.

See our other listings for our scented versions and for our special Zinc Dusting powder for relief of heat rash irritations. We also sell bulk refill bags for all our powders.