Herbal Scented Air Fresheners - Use in Cars Campers Lockers Closets Drawers

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Great for anywhere you need some continuous gentle fragrancing.

Heavy, die cut paperboard is saturated with fragrance and will last for several months in cooler weather. The scent is nice and strong in hot weather.

They can be continuously refreshed with our Roll On fragrances to extend their life for many months beyond that. See our perfume listings.

Ornaments can be ordered in any of the over 150 scents in our list and may come in colors other than the example (for florals the colors would be Light Yellow, Light Blue, Light Pink, or Light Green). If you have a preferred shape let us know and we will send that if available.

If you don't see a scent you are looking for just ask because we have a huge fragrance library to pick from.


Basil-Sage-Mint – Wonderful blend of herbals – fresh and light
California Sage – Insipired by Danny’s dried White Sage
Citrus-Sage - Light and fresh herbal with citrus undertones
Eucalyptus – Clean & pungent, clears the sinuses
English Ivy – Super green chlorophyll scent.
Frankinscence and Myhrr** – Ancient herbs & spices
Fresh Cut Grass – YC Just like a fresh mowed lawn.
Green Tea– Delicate, fresh scent of green tea leaves.
Irish Clover – Soft, clean herbal scent.
Lemongrass-Sage – Herbal & citrus. Repels bugs outside
Lemongrass-Sage & Eucalyptus –Repels bugs outside
Lime Leaf & Lily – Light, fragrant Lime and herbal.
Olive Blossom – Deep, herbal, perfume fragrance. Sexy.
Mediterranean Fig - Soft slightly sweet herbal. Very delicate
Rose & Oak Leaf – Subtle wood notes with rose petals.
Sweetgrass - Herbal, soft , sweet, grass scent
Tuscan Herb - A blend of Italian spice scents, Rosemary, Sage & Thyme