Just Reduced 1907 Rookwood vase - Queen Anne's lace hand painted design - by Lenore Ashbury

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1907 Rookwood vase.

Queen Anne's lace hand painted design by Lenore Ashbury.

Approx. 9 inches tall - 4 3/4 inches widest diameter. Bottom is 3 3/4 inches diameter.

Top opening is 3 inches. It has a bi-color glaze, peach fading to dark blue.

Marked on bottom is letter C. And the no. 935.

Stamped on bottom. With the initials L A scratched in bottom by the artist.

Has a minor age crack starting at inside of top rim and measures 3/4 inch in length but cannot be seen when vase is at rest.

There are 10 discoloration spots that can be seen at the surface. There is crazing on body of vase.

There are no chips. But has a few very minor scrapes at bottom edge of vase.

It weighs approx. 3 lbs.