Raw Unrefined Shea Butter - or Lavender Infused Shea Butter

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This listing is for raw shea butter in plain or with 2 degrees of Lavender. Regular and 2x . All the options and sizes are in the drop down list.

Pure, unrefined Shea Butter direct from Ghana.

The version is infused with Lavender Essential oil and is ideal for use on the face or entire body. Lavender is calming and good for treating eczema patches and rosacea as well as any dry skin or calluses.

For those who REALLY like Lavender there is the 2X option with twice the Lavender power.

This is raw - unrefined Shea Butter that has not been chemically filtered or altered in any way. Raw Shea Butter can be anywhere from ivory to a light yellow green in color depending on the plant and location and has a distinctive "nutty", earthy scent that is not unpleasant and is not noticeable after you rub it in.

Shea butter is solid at room temperature but melts quickly on contact with the skin. Just a little bit will produce good results. Just melt a small amount on a fingertip and rub into patchy areas of eczema or psoriasis. No need to use too much, just enough to absorb into the skin.

Great for undereye treatment too.

If your shea butter is pure white and has no scent, it has been chemically purified to remove the scent and color (commercial manufacturers use this type).
It probably can't hurt you, but it won't help as much either. Best to avoid any type of chemical purifying whenever possible.

Shea does have a tendency to get grainy (little beads) or to "granulate" when heated. We need to gently melt the shea to pour into pots so if you notice this texture it is not unusual and is nothing more than tiny beads of shea butter that melt at body temperature.

We import our raw shea butter and soap base directly through a group working with the Doctors Without Borders organization in Ghana. No middlemen - the profits go directly to the women who do the labor.

The doctor and his wife help the tribeswomen there to support themselves by bringing back the products they produce in their villages and selling in the states.

 It is a labor intensive business and their livelyhood is directly supported by our purchases here in the U.S.

This is the ultimate in "free trade" - directly from the source with no "official certification" needed.

They harvest and sort the shea nuts grind and extract - then hand knead the butter.

The women also make Black Soap the traditional way with roasted plantain leaves, cocoa pods and raw shea butter.

Black soap is legendary for treating skin conditions as varied as acne and eczema. We gently cook it down to make solid bars (we receive it as a sticky ball) that can be sold for individual use. See our Black Soap listing.

Amazing stuff.