Masculine Scented Air Freshener Plus Roll On Refresher Oil - Leather - Sandalwood - Cedarwood - Patchouli - Vetyver and more

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Fragranced freshener comes scented in your favorite masculine scent with a ribbon or stretch cord for hanging. Comes in Leather or one of the manly fragrances listed below.

Shapes will vary, we will send the Cowboy boot with the Leather option whenever possible (subject to inventory on hand). If you have a preference let us know.

Sandalwood - Classic rich, clean wood scent

Cedarwood - Crisp scent of cedar

Oakmoss - Rich mossy herbal scent.

Patchouli - Favorite earthy herbal from the 60's

Patchouli-Sandalwood - Best of both worlds

White Pine - Softer version of pine

Campfire Smoke - Yup, just like a wet campfire.

Campfire-Pine - Two outdoorsy scents put together.

Hemp Seed - Yes, it does smell like it ...

Vetyver - This is a deep moss scent, very green and a key note in many men's colognes.