Matte Contour Mineral Color Refill Ziplock - Neutral - Warm - Cool - Light thru Medium Complexions

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This listing is for a 5, 10 or 20 gm REFILL for your container at a considerable savings over the jar style.

It will ship in a flat ziplock bag and is a good option for International customers as the shipping rates for a tiny 1oz packet (thicker than 1/2") has skyrocketed to almost $14.00.

By eliminating the container and reducing the thickness of the package we can now send this via regular mail post in an envelope at a fraction of the cost.

NOTE: Orders sent in Envelope packets do not have tracking ability.

Also available in a Small 3gm , Medium 5gm or Large 10 gm Jar

Natural matte mineral colors in a range of shades to get your perfect color.

Do you like to use contouring to bring out your eyes and cheekbones but can never find a color that is "just right"? I always found the shades were too gold or too pink, never that perfect neutral tan shade that would give me the illusion of shadow or it was never just the right color for my skin tone. So I blended my own.

I figure other people must also have this predicament so I have created a range of shades in a nice matte finish that makes for the perfect contour as a base under your other colors or alone.

Perfect for contouring eyes, chin or cheeks on light and medium complexions.

If you have a very light complexion choose the Light shade.

Fair complexions should choose Medium Light

Medium to deeper tones should choose Medium

Figure your undertones - if you have them (warm/gold or cool/pink) and choose a shade for your skin tone. For someone with fair skin and no noticeable undertones I would select the Neutral Light Medium. For fair skin and pink tones the Cool Medium Light would be a good choice.

You can also convo me with a close up photo taken in natural light and I can help you choose a shade.

CUSTOM Blend - It is best to message me beforehand I will know what combination to make for you - or you can include it in the comments if you already know what you would like combined.