Medium to Deep Tinted Lip Balm Shades - 16 shades Sampler Set

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This assortment is the Medium to Deep range - starting with Level 6 and going up to 9 or 10

Our first assortment covers the shades from Sheer to Medium. You can find that assortment here.

You get sampler sized portions in zip-locks in 16+ colors and some wooden applicators.

A great way to try out different colors and see which ones suit you best.

Our natural lip balms / Sheer lipsticks range from very sheer - up to a deep color or stain. None are totally opaque and solid like traditional lipstick but rather a deeper tint, and many are metallic or have some shimmer.

There is no flavor added to these balms and they are all natural ingredients and blend of natural oxides, micas & food grade colors.

Level 6- Scorpio - A tantalizing blend of coral and violet. Two opposite colors that just work well together. This is a medium sheer coral lip balm that has a violet sheen. Such fun!

Level 6 Golden Apricot - A soft peachy apricot shade with a light golden sheen. Medium coverage.

Level 6 - Sunset Rose - A copper rose red with a subtle shimmer.

Level 6 - Mahogany Rose - A nice sheer, mahogany rose shade with the tiniest hint of golden shimmer. Very natural and very subtle.

Level 7 Pink Sands - A light pink with a semi-matte finish and a bit of iridescent sheen. Medium coverage. Semi-mattes are a bit drier and not as glossy as other colors.

Level 7 Blushing Rose - A soft shimmery light rose light iridescent/metallic sheen ** Medium coverage.

Level 7 - Bronzed Brown - A soft coppery brown with a very subtle sheen. Medium coverage.

Level 7 - Sherry - A nice red brown with a distinct metallic copper shimmer. Medium coverage.

Level 7 - Rosewood - A dark brown burgundy with a bit of warm glimmer.

Level 7 Black Currant - A fuschia burgundy shade with more tint then most of the others and a bit of shimmery gold.

Level 7 Eggplant - A deeper, cool eggplant purple.

Level 7 Rum Red - A blue toned red with a medium coverage and very little shimmer.

Level 8- Magenta Rose - A deep magenta red stain with subtle sheen. This one has color !

Level 8 Red Raisin - A shimmery brown red with a silvery iridescence. Medium coverage.

Level 9 Risa Red - A very deep, dark red burgundy with a dry finish. Quite firm also. Deep coverage

Level 9 Mysterioso - A deep brown burgundy with a golden metallic finish. Deep coverage.