Musky Musk - Dry Perfume Oils - 7 Varieties including Custom - 2 sizes

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Musk oh sensuous musk. Is there any scent more divine ?

Musk has been an aphrodisiac fragrance for centuries (or millennia as the case may be).

Warm, earthy and animalistic there is nothing better. They are listed here in order of intensity, from the softest to the most powerful.

Whisper of Musk - Very soft, light, sweet, milky musk. Just a hint.

Blue Musk - Soft and floral. A lovely, gentle musk.

Jovan Musk - Just like the designer favorite we loved in the 70's

White Musk - Medium intensity but still very musky.

Sensuous Musk - Medium intense, basic musk. More of a feminine version.

Amber Musk - Pretty strong and intense. Musk with the vanilla notes of amber.

Red Egyptian Musk - Potent and earthy. A very 70's kind of incense-like scent.

Egyptian Dragon - This one is beyond musk and all the way into the incense category but I include it because it still has the basic musk background. Not for the faint of heart.

Choose from 1/3 oz glass roll on or a refill size.

See other listing for refill bottles.


NEW for 2015 - I am offering SNIFFIE SAMPLERS - and premiering them for the 2014 Holidays

This is a sample of my fragrances on a professional 'Scent Strip" tightly sealed in a zip lock bag and then in a second ziplock to keep the fragrance fresh. These samplers can be ordered individually or in a 5 Pack where you message which scents you would like.


This is a "dry" perfume oil that contains a cosmetic ingredient to make it silky and long lasting.

I offer it in a classic roll on glass bottle (refillable) that is handy to carry in the purse. I also have a mini sprayer if you just want to try out a small amount or need a mini version.

There is no alcohol and no body oil in this blend so it is not sticky. It also doesn't have extra emulsifiers added so you do need to shake well before each use to blend the ingredients.