Natural Mineral Matte Contour Color Trio - Trial Size kit with an extra jar.

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Natural mineral color in 3 contour shades to mix and match to get your perfect color. This set is the trial size so the jars are about 1/3 full and you receive an extra jar to experiment with your mixes.

These colors are matte, no shimmer or sparkle to them so they are perfect for blending with other colors too.
NOTE: We have changed the ratio of colors - most people were not finding the darkest shade too useful since it is nearly the color of bittersweet chocolate - so from now on the set will have just a small sample of that shade and a bigger portion of the two other shades which are much more versatile for light to medium skin. Dark skin doesn't usually show contouring so we hope this change will benefit the majority of customers.

NEW - We have also just listed our own custom blended contour shades in Medium Light Neutral and Medium Neutral. Perfect for contouring eyes or cheeks on light and medium light complexions.