NEW Shades Natural Lipstick in a Tube - More Pigmented Than Tinted Balms

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NEW Shades Assortment - These are the most recent shades.

Level 5 - Scorpio - A tantalizing blend of coral and violet. Two opposite colors that just work well together. This is a medium sheer coral lipbalm that has a violet sheen. Such fun!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About our natural Lipsticks and Tinted Balms ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

While our natural tinted balms are mostly on the very sheer side we now have some colors in a true lipstick with a more opaque color coverage.

They are still not thick and totally opaque but have much more color and coverage than our tinted balms. They are still moisturizing and do not feel sticky or waxy and are still all natural ingredients with FDA colors.

The shades ranges for tinted balms go from a level 1 which is totally sheer & moisturizing with just a tiny hint of color through level 4 which is more of a lip stain or a sheer lipstick.

The Lipstick shades will be ranging from 5 - 8 in level of coverage and color intensity. The colors on the higher coverage end are going to be a bit dryer and not as glossy.

** Daytime Metallic - this describes the metallic shades in the collection that have noticeable shimmer and a metallic sheen but are not so shimmery that they wouldn't be suitable for wearing in a conservative office environment.

These are the shades currently available ranging from level 5 to 9 :

Level 5 Cinnamon Natural - A soft cinnamon brown with no shimmer. Medium-light coverage.

Level 5 Copper Sun - An orangey shade with a soft copper sheen. Medium-light coverage.

Level 5 Bronze - A golden copper shade with a subtle gold sheen. Medium-light coverage.

Level 5 - Dark Natural - A neutral red brown with no shimmer. Medium-light coverage.

Level 5 - Mauve Natural - A very natural lip toned shade, medium-light coverage.

Level 5 - Scorpio - A tantalizing blend of coral and violet

Level 6 Plum Tart - A plum burgundy with a bit of subtle sheen. Medium-light coverage.

Level 6 Rum Red - A blue toned red with a medium coverage and very little shimmer.

Level 6 Brick Red - A warm natural red shade. No shimmer, medium coverage.

Level 6 Red Bronze - A light red with a subtle copper bronze sheen. Medium-light coverage.

Level 7 Pink Sands - A light pink with a semi-matte finish and a bit of iridescent sheen. Medium coverage. Semi-mattes are a bit drier and not as glossy as other colors.

Level 7 Blushing Rose - A soft shimmery light rose light iridescent/metallic sheen ** Medium coverage.

Level 7 Mystery Mauve - A deeper mauve shade with a hint of silver sheen. Medium coverage.

Level 7 Shimmer Mauve - A light mauve shade with a subtle silvery, violet metallic shimmer. Medium coverage.

Level 7 Soft Blackberry - Plum berry shade with a very soft metallic shimmer, subtle but has good color coverage and staying power.

Level 7 Red Raisin - A rich red-brown berry shade with a nice golden metallic sheen. Not glittery but a nice soft metallic red. Medium coverage.

Level 7 Golden Apricot - A soft peachy apricot shade with a light golden sheen. Medium coverage.

Level 7 - Sherry - A nice red brown with a distinct metallic copper shimmer. Medium coverage.

Level 7 - Bronzed Brown - A soft coppery brown with a very subtle sheen. Medium coverage.

Level 8 Red Robin - A vivid bright, warm red with a slight gold sheen. Medium to medium deep coverage.

Level 8 Mysterioso - A deep brown burgundy with a golden metallic finish. Medium deep coverage.

Level 9 Risa Red - A deep purple burgundy with a silvery metallic sheen. Deep coverage.

Per customer requests, we are working on some matte shades and an extra coverage lipstick - something in a 9 -10 degree of total coverage which would be much drier but with super heavy coverage. It will be announced on these lipstick pages when ready.

All our natural lip colors are made with our moisturizing lip balm* plus tint and mineral pigments and oxides. The Lipsticks may also contain Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Arrowroot powder and Earth Clay.

One thing to know about the tube style balm, you cannot leave this product style in a hot location, it could melt right out of the tube (ask me how I know). This can also be a problem in shipping to hot climates or during summer heat waves. We have now found a way to seal the tube tightly so if it should melt during shipment it will stay right in the case and be usable when it arrives. If it appears to be warm or melted don't open the wrapping, just put it upright in a cool location until it is solid again. Unwrap and wipe off with a tissue if necessary.

* All Natural (no tint, no flavoring) Lip Balm available in this listing