ROSE IS ROSE - Refill Sizes Dry Perfume Oils - 8 Varieties including Custom

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Everything is coming up Roses.

Perfumes for the lover of anything Rose scented. I have 8 different versions and a Custom option to request your favorite blend. Anything is possible, I have a library of nearly 300 fragrances to work with.

Fresh Cut Rose - This is a fresher version of rose that also has some of the "green" scent you would experience when cutting a rose stem from the bush.

Tea Rose - This is what you think of when you smell an especially fragrant Tea Rose in the garden. Also know as Yellow Rose.

Victorian Rose - This is an unlikely blend of Rose and Pine, but it works beautifully.

Wild Irish Rose - The spicy, almost Carnation-like scent of delicate wild roses.

Lavender Rose - Two classics in one fragrance.

Rose Jasmine - A lovely pairing of classic floral scents.

Patchouli Rose - The earthiness of Patchouli and soft roses blend perfectly.

Sandalwood Rose - A soft and powdery sandalwood blends beautifully with the floral rose.

Choose from a 1/3 oz Roll On or 2 refill sizes


This is a "dry" perfume oil that contains a cosmetic ingredient to make it silky and long lasting.

There is no alcohol and no body oil in this blend so it is not sticky. It also doesn't have extra emulsifiers added so you do need to shake well before each use to blend the ingredients.