Sampler - Mossy Green Shades Mineral Eye Colors - 7 shades Sampler Pack

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Mossy Greens collection- 7 soft mossy green shades in zip lock packets.

We also offer this entire assortment in full sized pots.

Mineral eye color that goes on sheer with a fluffy brush or use a small angle brush and a drop of water for eye liner. The metallic colors go on more sparkling when applied wet. See directions below.

Celery - A soft, light mossy green with a matte finish.

Marshland - A medium mossy green with a matte finish.

Oakmoss - A medium dark mossy green with a matte finish.

Linden Tree - A dark mossy green with a matte finish.

Golden Jade - A soft pale mossy green with a golden iridescence.

Goldstone - A metallic mossy gold with medium shimmer.

Frosted Sage - A very soft mossy sage green with a subtle shimmer.

No Sifter equals More Product :)

Our full sized mineral color comes in a clear pots with NO sifter. I see no need for a sifter when you are using such small amounts of product - this also means you get about 2x as much product in ours because the sifters sit half-way down in the pot on most cosmetic jars and can only be filled that high.

Natural mineral eye colors are easy to apply as a sheer wash on the lids with a fluff brush or the deeper, darker colors are excellent as an Eye Liner and brow color.

Did you know you can add mineral color to your nail polish too ? Just a bit though - too much can make your polish not adhere as well.

Wetting mineral colors makes them much more intense - this is often called "Foiling" with the shimmer/metallic colors. To use as Eye Liner all you need is a sharp angle brush and a drop of water (or even eye drops - they work great). Dip your brush in a drop of water, dip in the eye shadow then use the lid to blend the pigment on the brush and get the minerals to just the right consistency.
Mix in the lid for a minute if it is too watery, but not until it gets too dry. With a little bit of practice you will know when it is the right consistency.

Apply to the lashline and your liner will last all day with no smudging or irritation..