Sheer to Medium Tinted Lip Balm Shades - Series 1

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Our Lip Balm / Sheer Lipstick assortment has now grown so large so fast that we needed to divide it up into a couple of categories. The samplers are now available in two groups of 16 shades each. Sheer - Medium and Medium to Deep.

They can be found here.


This listing is for the full sized tube in your choice of shades within the 1 - 6 level range. There is another listing for the medium to deep shades here -

Our natural lip balms are very sheer - many being just a subtle wash of color, these are
not lipstick type coverage but soft and sheer color with all the moisturizing benefits of a natural lip balm.

Our natural lip balms / Sheer lipsticks range from very sheer - up to a deep color or stain. None are totally opaque and solid like traditional lipstick but rather a deeper tint, and many are metallic or have some shimmer.

There is no flavor added to these balms and they are all natural ingredients and blend of natural oxides, micas & food grade colors.


Level 1 Blush - A pale, soft warm pink with a barely there sheerness level.

Level 1 Pink Fairy - A pale cotton candy pink with a barely there hint of color. Perfect for little girls and for those who want no noticeable color but just a hint of shine and shimmer.

Level 1 Sheer Natural - Our truly natural lip tint, barely any color at all but a sprinkling of subtle sheen. See the swatch on white paper, the color looks more intense until it is spread out then it is very sheer.

Level 1 Miami Pink - A fabulous pink coral shade with a little bit of golden shimmer. Very subtle but just a sheer wash of color. "Sheer" level of color.

Level 2 Cherry Ice - (formerly Cherry Pop) A super sheer gloss of cherry pink with s subtle gold sheen.

Level 3 Autumn - A rich autumn red with a subtle shimmer and medium sheer coverage.

Level 3 Satin Rouge - A muted red with a soft silvery shimmer. Medium sheer coverage.

Level 3 Coral Kiss - A nice sheer, warm coral shade with the tiniest hint of shimmer. Very natural and very subtle.

Level 3 Deep Hyacinth - A sheer veil of violet pink.

Level 3 Sheer Plum - A subtle hint of plum purple sheen - VERY SHEER.

Level 4 - (NEW) Cherry Pop - A rich warm cherry red shade - medium sheer with gold shimmer. This is a NEW version of Cherry Pop with a lot more color. The old shade was so sheer that we renamed it Cherry Ice.

Level 4 - Autumn - A rich autumn red with a subtle shimmer and medium sheer coverage.

Level 4 - Satin Rouge - A muted red with a soft silvery shimmer. Medium sheer coverage.

Level 4 Dark Natural - A deeper version of Natural, still very sheer.

Level 5 - Hot Rose - A deep rose shade with a slight gold sheen.

Level 5 Cinnamon Natural - A medium natural with a warm cinnamon tone.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About our natural Lipsticks and Tinted Balms ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

While our natural tinted balms are mostly on the very sheer side we now have some colors in a true lipstick with a more opaque color coverage.

They are still not thick and totally opaque but have much more color and coverage than our tinted balms. They are still moisturizing and do not feel sticky or waxy and are still all natural ingredients with FDA colors.

The shades ranges for tinted balms go from a level 1 which is totally sheer & moisturizing with just a tiny hint of color through level 5 which is more of a lip stain or a sheer lipstick.

The Lipstick shades will be ranging from 6 - 10 in level of coverage and color intensity. The colors on the higher coverage end are going to be a bit dryer and not as glossy.

** Daytime Metallic - this describes the metallic shades in the collection that have noticeable shimmer and a metallic sheen but are not so shimmery that they wouldn't be suitable for wearing in a conservative office environment.