Squalene Plus Vitamin E - Facial Serum

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This listing is for a 1\/3 oz Glass Roll On bottle.

This product has a strange name - Squalene but don't be afraid.

Squalene is a natural oil that in the past has been harvested from Shark Liver. It is now extracted from Olive Oil and along with Jojoba oil, it is the most like our own natural skin oils. It is protective, lubricating and helps hold in moisture.

Our Squalene is blended with high grade Vitamin E called Tocopheryl D - a deep gold oil that is far more beneficial for the skin than the light yellow drug store type.

I sell it in a roll-on bottle for ease of application. Choose either the regular version or with added Essential Oils.

Lavender EO - Soothing,toning, refreshing, antibacterial

Rose Geranium EO - Soft rose sent, soothing, softening and refreshing.

Just apply a small amount to the under-eye area or where needed (good for dry patches). Make sure you use it at night before applying moisturizer.

It is colorless, odorless and absorbs readily into the skin. Just a drop or two will do the job.

Send me some feedback - I would love to hear how it works for other people.