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This is an unusual listing - but read on to see what it is all about.

I am currently looking for product reviews on my skin and hair care products. I would like to get a wide range of testers who are in search of good products for skin and hair, and to find out just how well my formulas are working for other people.

Therefore I am offering some trial sizes of products at discounted price - and when I receive your impartial review I will send you a discount coupon for 50% off your next order (any items you wish to order - doesn't have to be this item - and limit one per person). If my product didn't work for you for any reason, I need to know that too so tell it like it is.

My Shea butter creams have been very well liked for years now (read the feedback on Winterblend and you will see what I mean) and now I am branching out into new formulas and adding hair care.

I have had a Mineral Makeup and a Perfume page here on Etsy for some time also, but it gets to be a hassle to keep checking two or three accounts all the time so I am planning to merge them all into this main store. New items will be added to the TESTER category this year.

I will list TESTER sized products on Etsy at a minimal price - with minimal shipping cost (these are going to be trial size products - so they will be smaller).

Every time you order a TESTER product - you will once again be eligible for the half-price offer, but of course one offer per product tested. IE: You can test ALL of the products Iist in this promotion, but not the same one twice.

Sound like something you might want to do ? All you have to do is buy any items listed specifically with the term: TESTER PRODUCT in the title and you are set.

Once I receive your PRODUCT REVIEW via an Etsy Conversation or an Email - you will receive your 1/2 price product coupon. If you never send me a review, then you won't receive a coupon.

Thanks - and send me a Convo anytime with any questions you might have.

Note: I will reserve the right to use your comments on my webpage and in my literature - but only your first name will be used, and no user ID's or any other identifying information will ever be made public.

Scout's honor.

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