Trial Sizes - Natural blush for light complexions - 7 Color Set

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New Blush Shades for Summer 2017

7 Assorted colors for light complexions.

Blush is often too orange, pink or ruddy for those with porcelain skin tones. Frequently the only shades available for pale skin is way to "pinky" and not very natural.

These blush shades are very soft and delicate and in the natural range with just a sheer wash of color, not a harsh streak. Some are totally matte and some have a bit of shimmer or a satiny "sheen".

The color can be deepened by building coverage or by adding in some of our contour color - or lightened by mixing with your favorite loose mineral color.

Barely There - A very sheer, neutral pink-brown shade perfect for porcelain complexions.

Twinkle - A very sheer wash of color in a fairly neutral tone. Could be a super sheer bronzer for white skin.

Pale Roses - A very, very light rose-beige shade. Ideal for the very lightest skin or those who want just a whisper of color.

Lt Warm Satin - A light warm peachy-beige shade with a satin finish. Good for a bit more color, and also good for warm toned skin.

Fresh Peach - A bright peachy tone with a matte finish. Good for very light to medium light skin tones.

Satin Sun - A warm sunny peach shade with a satin shimmer. Can be used as a bronzer for summer color.

Shimmering Sand - A sandy pink-brown with a shimmering highlight. Good for medium light skin tones or when you want more color, also a good bronzer.