White Florals - Dry Perfume Oils - 8 Varieties including Custom - 2 sizes

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White Floral Fragrances

White floral fragrances from soft and delicate to strong and captivating.

Florals are my specialty. They have to be perfect representations of the REAL flower or I just don't do them. Every spring and summer I take the time to compare my perfume scents with the real flowers that I have available in my garden. Interestingly some of the perfume versions smell better than the real thing - Spring Lilac is one of them. Funny how that works.

Lily of the Valley - Classic, soft and feminine. This smells EXACTLY like the real flower. I know, I test it every year against the real thing. Divine.

Linden Blossom - A very potent and sweet floral,

Jasmine - One of natures incredible treasures, Jasmine is sweet and floral and musky all at the same time.

Jasmine-Rose - A classic pairing of two great scents.

Gardenia - Strong and powerful floral. You either like Gardenia or you don't, it is that kind of scent. This is a true, spot on Gardenia - not an icky imitation.

Tuberose - Not a rose by another name, Tuberose is a beautiful white flower that is similar to Gardenia but has a touch of Honeysuckle in it too.

Honeysuckle - Sweet and honey like. It smells like summer.

Magnolia - Strong, sweet and hypnotic.

Tuberose-Gardenia - A classic blending found in an expensive designer perfume by E (stee) L.

Wood Nymph - A unique blending of Lily of the Valley and Sandalwood. Soft floral and earthy at the same time.

This is a "dry" perfume oil that contains a cosmetic ingredient to make it silky and long lasting.

I offer it in a classic roll on glass bottle (refillable) that is handy to carry in the purse. I also have a mini sprayer if you just want to try out a small amount or need a mini version.

There is no alcohol and no body oil in this blend so it is not sticky. It also doesn't have extra emulsifiers added so you do need to shake well before each use to blend the ingredients.